The CEO’s Assistant—Chapter 15: Play Your Cards Right


“This is going to be good…”

Mercedes tore her eyes away from Sam’s date at Matt’s snarky words. She glanced around the table and took in the varying emotions radiating from her fellow diners. Matt was looking around frantically for a waiter and if his excited expression was any indication he was going to be asking for popcorn the second somebody showed up to take his order. Crystal had her attention solely focused on Sam and she looked at little too interested as far as Mercedes was concerned. Quinn weirdly enough had all of her attention focused on Stevie who in turn looked like he didn’t know whether to vomit or kill someone. While Sam, on the other hand, was looking directly at her with an unreadable expression on his face. Mercedes didn’t know exactly what she should be feeling but she knew that this dinner was probably going to be the most interesting one she had been to in months.

“Don’t be so shy you two! Have a seat so we can get this party started.” Matt called out to Sam and Quinn cheerfully.

Sam gave Matt a smoldering look before turning back to Quinn and ushering her to her seat. Once they got settled Matt demanded that everyone got acquainted.

“We know each other.” Stevie said harshly.

“Not everybody knows each other,” Matt said innocently, “well, Crystal here doesn’t know Sam or Quinn and Mercedes and Quinn haven’t had the pleasure either.”

Mercedes fought the urge to kick Matt under the table as she forced a small smile onto her face and gave Quinn a slight nod.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

Quinn barely glanced her way as she muttered the greeting back.

Crystal ignored them both in favor of reaching out her hand across the table to shake Sam’s. She batted her false lashes up at him and held onto his hand a lot longer than was necessary. Sam gave her a small smile back as he tried to pry his hand out of hers.

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I seriously love that no one is shit in this, basically.

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