Future Plans Ch. 12


Only thing I need to say is, in the story, Puck still has his LA money and did not give it all to his dad. Other than that, I really hope you enjoy the chapter. Sorry for any mistakes I missed!


“There is literally nothing exciting about Kansas. I need to get drunk,” Puck muttered.

“Good luck with that,” Mercedes said from her seat across the table. The three of them were in a diner in some small town in Kansas. Puck sat in the booth playing with sugar packets and Sam was leaning against the wall with his arm around Mercedes, who was leaning on his chest.

“There has to be a club or a bar or something around here…”

“You can always ask Agnes over there,” Sam said, nodding towards the old woman folding napkins by the front. Puck rolled his eyes.

“Hey. She could be an expert on all the hot spots in Kansas. Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Mercedes added, smirking and playing with her boyfriend’s fingers as they dangled over her shoulder.

“If you guys are gonna be assholes, then don’t talk,” Puck said, sighing and throwing his head back over the seat. Mercedes chuckled and Sam smiled down at her. She kept playing with his long fingers and he kept staring at her, biting his lip and almost wanting to pinch himself. They had reasons not to be optimistic, but he couldn’t help but think they could only go up from here.

Puck rolled his eyes again. The couple was annoyingly cute.

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